GDPR – new privacy statement

You can’t have failed over recent weeks to have noticed that something has been going on with the way organisations handle personal data.

An EU ruling has meant that any person or body holding ‘attributable personal information’ now has to apply new rules and procedures when collecting, using, or sharing data.

Whilst this has created quite a lot of work in understanding what’s required and then implementing changes, we are pleased to confirm that we met our new obligations well in advance of the deadline.

We have published a brand new Privacy Statement which is available from the menu bar.  This sets out clearly how we will deal with any information that we hold about you.

Because of our ‘ongoing relationship’ with members we were exempt from some of the more onerous parts of the new rules, however, we still chose to apply the full range of improvements to ensure that we have done the best we can to safeguard your information and to deal openly and honestly with our members.

Please feel free to read our new Privacy Statement at your leisure.

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