International successes in 2023

During the Covid years, an unexpected trend emerged as there was a growing demand for online educational opportunities focused on birds of prey, encompassing topics such as their health, well-being, and overall care. This surge in interest in ‘home-study’ was not limited to the UK but extended to participants from various countries.

Recent data from Raptor Awards CIC reveals that over the past 12 months, certificates of competence were dispatched to successful candidates in the USA, Canada, Norway, and the Bahamas. Some of these certificates pertained solely to theoretical knowledge, covering the essential understanding required for bird of prey care.

In some cases these were ‘theory-only’ certificates covering competence in the Knowledge and Understanding required to keep a bird of prey, but without the hands-on practical handling skills included in the fully certificated courses. In these cases the candidates were simply learning for the fun of it, without any immediate intention of owning a bird of prey themselves.

On the other hand, certain candidates pursued a more comprehensive approach. They combined online studies from the comfort of their homes with attendance at courses in the UK, demonstrating competence in all aspects covered by the Raptor Awards’ ‘Combined’ course. For further details on the curriculum and content of this course, you can find more information here: #view course info

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