Apply to join the IRBPP

Please make your initial application for professional membership of the IRBPP  by using the form below.

Please read these terms and conditions:

  • The contact details you provide will be used to communicate with you about your application and any other matter regarding the IRBPP and its services and will be stored in accordance with our privacy policy
  • Following a review of the information you supply below you may be invited to join the IRBPP as an associate or full member.  You may reject the offer to join the IRBPP and have no obligation to make any further payments to the IRBPP.
  • We may ask for further information regarding your application including the names of referees who can vouch for you before inviting you to become an associate or full member of the IRBPP.  You should obtain the permission of your referees to share their data with us before providing their name and contact details
  • An application fee of 150 GBP must accompany this application.
  • The application fee is not refundable if your application is unsuccessful.