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Why become a full member of the IRBPPTM

Full membership is available to associate members of the IRBPP who have demonstrated over time that they are working to the highest standards.

Full membership confers the highest professional recognition and offers these important benefits to professionals working with birds of prey

Professional recognition:

As a full member you will be recognised as a leading figure in the industry, working with the highest integrity and professionalism to deliver an outstanding service to your clients.

The privileged use of the post-nominal letters MIRBPPTM indicates the professional standard you have reached and your continuing commitment to continually improving your own standards and those of the industry you serve.

Your customers and others can clearly see that you are an industry leader and fully committed to raising the highest welfare standards for the birds of prey in your control and to the highest professional and ethical standards in your professional life.

Better business:

Membership of the IRBPP will help you build better business contacts through networking opportunities, broaden your business skills and knowledge and develop new skills that will help when seeking new customers, contracts and business relationships.

Recognition as a leading professional can be a key factor in gaining higher value contracts.


Meet and interact with the best in the sector and with other professionals like yourself across international boundaries to help you build your circle of professional contacts.

Benefit from the professional online forums in your business category to facilitate the free exchange of news, views and professional tips in a secure and supportive environment in order to help raise your own professional competence and that of other members.

Improving knowledge and skills:

Use our online learning platform, attend events, interact with other members and undertake practical assessments and reviews with experienced people to help you achieve full member status.

Exclusive discounts and offers:

Full members qualify for discounts on all professional development courses and programs. meetings and events.

Annual membership fee (full member):

195.00 GBP  (or 15.95 GBP pcm)   {please enquire for other currencies}

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