Full member – rights and responsibilities

These are your rights as a Full Member:

As a full member of the IRBPPTM you may:

  • use the letters MIRBPPTM on your business cards, website, social media pages and in your business correspondence

  • use the phrase “Full Member of the International Register of Bird of Prey Professionals” on your business cards, website, social media pages and in your business correspondence

  • use the IRBPPTM Logo on your on your business cards, website, social media pages and in your business correspondence

  • wear your IRBPPTM full member lapel badge (free to all members) and display other branded products

  • display at your business premises or elsewhere your signed and sealed certificate of membership

  • List your activities, services, events on the IRBPP searchable database of members (the Directory) Fees may apply

  • attend IRBPPTM events and meetings

  • Receive discounts on events and professional development courses

  • access our online learning area.

note:  ‘Full’ and ‘Associate’ membership of the IRBPP is awarded to individuals and not corporate bodies.  You may display the IRBPP Logo on a corporate website in a context that specifically names the individual/s who are members and which does not imply that the corporate body itself is registered as a member of the IRBPP.

Corporate bodies wishing to use the logo and post-nominals should apply under ‘Corporate Membership’.

When used on a website or social media site the logo should have an embedded link to this page (https://irbpp.org/membership/full-membership/full-member-rights-and-responsibilities/)


Your responsibilities as a Full Member are:

  • to work to raise standards in the industry by means of your own personal development and by encouraging and supporting improvement in others.

  • to work at all times in a professional and competent manner and to exceed the standards described in the ‘International and Occupational Standards for bird of prey welfare’ TM.

  • to comply with the code of conduct as it may vary from time to time

  • to plan your continuing professional development and undertake activities that will enhance your personal knowledge, skills and competence

  • to record your CPD (continuing professional development) at least annually and to make this information available to IRBPPTM in the prescribed form at least once every year

  • to promote the IRBPPTM to your customers and others as a mark of quality and professionalism through your business literature, website, social media pages and social media forums

  • to promote the IRBPPTM to other prospective members who meet the application criteria

  • to consent to your contact data being made publicly available in the searchable database

  • to participate in the professional forums to facilitate knowledge-sharing, professional development, networking and the development of associate members

  • to participate in the ongoing development of bird of prey welfare standards through members’ consultations and/or working groups as appropriate

  • to pay your application fees and membership subscription in a timely manner

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