Quarter 2 CPD resources

As we enter the new quarter on 1st April 2024, it is with pleasure that we announce the latest release of resources designed to enhance the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of our subscribers.

This quarter’s additions to our resource library include scholarly articles on the historical significance of falconry, detailed observations on the nesting behaviors of Red-headed Falcons, and a comprehensive developmental course focused on the setting up and execution of staff appraisals. This course covers the essential aspects of setting up and conducting annual staff training needs analyses, highlighting its importance not only for organizations but also for sole proprietors and self-employed professionals in conducting self-appraisals.

The absolute necessity of conducting staff appraisals raises a common query among professionals.

In response to this, we have sought expert guidance from The Port of London Authority, which oversees the training and development of AAL Licence inspectors nationwide. Their stance on the matter was clear and unequivocal, emphasizing the absolute necessity for inspectors to verify physical evidence of all requisite training records and appraisals.

Deborah Jones, representing the City of London, underscored this point, reinforcing the critical nature of maintaining and presenting comprehensive training documentation.

“…an inspector should absolutely see physical evidence of all the required training records, appraisals etc

Deborah Jones.

The International Registry of Bird of Prey Professionals (IRBPP) remains committed to supporting professionals within the commercial sector and those working with birds of prey, by providing ongoing access to essential training, documentation, and support services tailored to meet the evolving needs of our community.

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