Record your CPD

As a member of the IRBPP you have an obligation to continuously improve your skills and knowledge. This process is known as ‘Continuing Professional Development (CPD)’

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The activities associated with planning your own development activities and recording the actions you take are an important indicator of your professionalism.

There is no specific number of hours that you should devote to CDP each year, but you should easily be able to identify at least 20 hours of suitable activity in any one year period.

What counts as CPD activity?

CPD activities are driven by your individual needs, objectives and personal development.  So whatever your activity, if it’s relevant to your career then it counts towards your CPD.

The great thing about CPD is that you can use a variety of different ways to achieve your goals. It’s not all about attending training courses. You could include:

  • Attending events
  • Professional reading(industry specific journals and articles)
  • Mentoring, teaching or lecturing
  • Presenting at meeting, seminars and conferences
  • Online learning and other training events
  • Other activities not listed above

To keep your record up to date, just complete the form below.  You should do this every time you undertake a CPD activity.