Red-Headed Falcon Study

The Red-headed Falcon (Falco chicquera) is a fascinating resident bird found across tropical Africa, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent. Despite its wide distribution, the species faces challenges due to habitat degradation, particularly in the Indian subcontinent.

However, studies in regions like Bangladesh are scarce, highlighting the need for further exploration. Notably, work in Gujarat, India, stands out, emphasizing the importance of ongoing research to understand and conserve this uncommon raptor. Each study contributes to our understanding, emphasizing the significance of continued efforts in avian conservation.

In April the IRBPP is publishing a short ‘armchair cpd’ activity available to all monthly subscribers.

Observations of the Red-Headed Falcon at the nest sight from the time the parents first begin to defend it, to post-fledging and beyond. This research paper from Mohammed Foysal makes a fascinating read.

Completion of this activity is permanently recorded in the personal online cpd record and contributes towards the mandatory annual CPD requirement for most bird of prey professional.

Each Quarter the IRBPP publishes at least 7.5 hrs of easy cpd activities for members.

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