UK and Ireland Rabbit Survey

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The Rabbit Population is in serious decline! 

More than half of the UK’s rabbits have already been lost and in some parts of the UK and Ireland they have disappeared altogether.  We need your help now!

All we ask is that you take 5 minutes to complete this simple questionnaire.  More information about who is collecting the data and how it will be used can be found at the bottom of this page.

Thank you – the information you provide is important.

{Please note:  INTERIM RESULTS  are now available at the foot of this page}

Survey Instructions:

  1. You will be asked to complete up to 10 simple questions
  2. If you wish to report on more than 1 parcel of land you need to complete a separate survey for each parcel
  3. Your answers are anonymous unless you choose to provide an email address (optional – see below)

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Further Information:

UEA LogoWorking in conjunction with the University of East Anglia we are collecting information from falconers, pest controllers and others who have detailed knowledge of rabbit numbers on specific parcels of land in the United Kingdom.  The information you provide is anonymous and is collected at County level only. The information you provide will be used to help understand the scale of rabbit loss in the UK and will be used to make the case for special measures to help conserve this valuable game species.

Please note:

  • we cannot identify your specific parcels of land from the information you provide – we respect that this information is private to you.
  • you will not be contacted by us or any other party associated with this survey unless you have specifically given permission for us to do so and have provided your email address above.
  • the results from this survey will be published and updated from time to time as more data is collected and analysed.


More responses from all parts of the UK and Ireland are urgently needed.  Please ask your Falconry or Pest Control friends and contacts to complete the survey as well – Thank you.

Based on survey results received to date:

80% of responses report numbers decreasing
62% of responses report more than 50% decrease in rabbit numbers
31% report that rabbits have decreased by more than 75% decrease or are now absent altogether
72% report a sudden decline in recent years