Using the IRBPP CPD Toolkit

The IRBPP’s CPD Recording tools offer a streamlined solution for bird of prey professionals seeking to fulfill license obligations and enhance their professional standing.

Suitable for Professional Falconers, Vets, Vet Nurses, Wildlife Officers, and more, the tool simplifies the demanding task of maintaining accurate records of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The UK, in particular, mandates CPD for AAL and Zoo license holders. With a target of about 30 hours CPD per year for UK Falconers, IRBPP’s quarterly activities, prove invaluable.

These ‘armchair activities’ ensure compliance with licensing requirements while accommodating busy schedules.

The IRBPP emphasizes the broad spectrum of CPD activities, encompassing work-related tasks, formal courses, leisure activities, and mentoring. The article underscores the significance of well-documented CPD in securing business opportunities and recommends the IRBPP’s tools for seamless record-keeping, featuring monthly ‘armchair’ activities that automatically update personal CPD accounts.

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