Using your CPD Toolkit

Note: Before you start: Reading this article is a CPD activity which counts towards your annual total – as long as it is recorded in a form that can be seen on request, Read on for more information

Using your CPD tools from IRBPP

CPD Recording from the IRBPP makes your life simpler and saves hours of work for the busy bird or prey professional…. Check out these FAQs:

Who needs the CPD Recorder?

In the UK and Internationally, almost all professionals working with birds of prey have a Licence Obligation to keep their skills and knowledge up to date, and to keep accurate records of their training and personal development. This is usually known as Continuing (or Continuous) Professional Development.

In the UK this includes Falconers licenced under the AAL or Zoo licence, as well as Vets, Vet Nurses, Wildlife Officers and Inspectors and Rehabilitators who have their own professional CPD schemes.

You may also need to record your professional development in order to prove your ability to prospective clients and customers. Having a well documented record of achievement can mean the difference between you or your competitors securing new business*.

For AAL and Zoo Licence holders in the UK, CPD is also an obligation under the terms of your licence.

How much CPD should I complete each year?

For UK Falconers a target of 30 hours CPD Activity per annum is appropriate, and should be recorded in a form that is easily accessible ‘on demand’..

The IRBPP provides about 7.5 hours of CPD activities each quarter. These are usually simple ‘armchair activities’ that can easily be completed in a quiet hour in the evening. A few of our activities completed each quarter will easily enable you to meet your licence obligations.

The CPD Tools and activities from the IRBPP make this as simple as possible for you at a small monthly fee.

What is CPD (Continuing Professional Development)?

Broadly speaking this is any type of activity you undertake which increases your knowledge, understanding and experiences of birds of prey. Many of your daily activities may count as CPD if only you can capture the details in a formal record.

CPD activities might include:

  • Things you do at work
  • Formal courses
  • Activities you undertake in your leisure time (reading or events for example)
  • You can read more about the whole process of CPD here: #readarticle

What type of activities should I record as CPD?

The most common activities you should record include:

  • Reading of professional articles / books (sadly not browsing the internet though)
  • Formal courses
  • Attending events
  • Teaching / mentoring others

Anything published or recommended by the IRBPP will definitely count towards your annual cpd target

When is the best time to do some CPD?

You are already carrying out activities that would count as CPD as part of your normal day to day activities – the problem is remembering to record them in an easily accessible form.

Indeed, simply reading this article is a valid CPD activity – do you have a way to record this?

Using the CPD Tools from the IRBPP is the easiest way to keep your records up to date.

We publish easy ‘armchair’ activities each month that automatically populate your personal CPD account

You can easily access your personal CPD activities anytime you have a free few minutes. It’s surprising how quickly your record builds up.

How do I get started?

Easy, the CPD Tools are available through a low-cost subscription service. Read about your options here: #membership options

What’s in the CPD Toolkit?

As a subscriber you automatically get access to our ‘Subscriber pages. Here you will see buttons to connect you to your personal CPD record, and a 50% Discount option button for accessing Raptor Awards Courses.

You will also find a list of CPD Activities for the current quarterly period. Plus an extensive archive of activities from previous quarters.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions, read the article or other information, and answer a few simple questions. Your CPD success will be automatically saved in your personal CPD record where it can be accessed from your mobile phone in seconds.

Does this work for employers?

Yes! With our Corporate Membership packages you can sign up your entire workforce in one easy step, and they are ready to go as soon as they receive their login details. Our Premium pakages enable you to load your own corporate material into our system which can then automatically record who has completed their inductions training, their annual appraisal and many more activities specific to you business. Save pounds by enabling easy online access for your team without the costs of time away from the job and travelling to fixed venues. Our corporate packs can pay for themselves within weeks.

Interested in a Corporate membership? #Contact us

* Reference: the CPD Institute #read more


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