Welcoming New Falconers: Expanding Opportunities for Experienced Professionals

We are always pleased to welcome both new and experienced falconers from around the globe into our community. This month, we celebrate the achievements of Mikayla from Canada, who exemplifies the spirit of a committed new falconer.

In preparation for taking on her own hawk in the future, Mikayla has already completed the Raptor Awards ‘Combined Course (Theory)’ with with flying colours, demonstrating great dedication and enthusiasm for the future care and welfare of any new raptor she acquires. Her certificate confirms her current level of competence and readiness to advance in this ancient and noble art.

Mikayla’s next step is to begin working with an experienced mentor in Canada, understanding that hands-on experience is crucial as she hones her practical skills and deepens her understanding of falconry.

New Falconers: Creating Expanding Opportunities for Experienced Professionals

As we witness a steady influx of new falconers like Mikayla entering the falconry world, it presents an opportune time for IRBPP members. This wave of fresh talent not only rejuvenates our age-old sport, but also offers significant opportunities for seasoned professionals to make a meaningful impact.

For those with years of experience, there’s a unique chance to guide these newcomers, helping them develop the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in falconry. The demand for training, mentorship, and specialized services is increasing, creating a dynamic market for professional falconers to explore.

Mentorship Programs

Consider launching structured mentorship programs. These can range from one-on-one sessions to group workshops, covering everything from basic handling techniques to advanced hunting strategies. This provides a valuable learning experience for beginners and allows seasoned falconers to share their wisdom and preserve traditional methods.

2. Workshops and Training Courses

Developing comprehensive workshops and training courses can be a rewarding venture. By collaborating with Raptor Awards, your courses can be linked to the national curriculum derived from the International Standards for Bird of Prey Welfare, and successful candidates can receive formal certification.

3. Help and Advice

Become a Raptor Awards Approved Instructor, offering personalized advice and guidance to new falconers. Your Raptor Awards Approved Assessor Certificate will distinguish you from other ‘experts’ and help establish your reputation, creating a steady stream of business.

4. Community Building

Fostering a strong sense of community is invaluable. Organize local meet-ups, online forums, and social media groups where new falconers can connect, share experiences, and support each other.

We all place the welfare of our raptors at the heart of what we do and are constantly disappointed when we see or hear about harm arising from poor knowledge and husbandry skills. You can make a difference.

By embracing these opportunities, we can ensure that the art of falconry continues to thrive and evolve. Let’s celebrate the achievements of new falconers like Mikayla and look forward to a bright future for our community.

Want to know more? #Contact the IRBPP now for more information about how you can benefit from working with new falconers.

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